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GO2-WPGPLUMBING is the best plumbing company in Winnipeg for installation of fixtures, repairing blockages and a lot more. Our professional services are spread to residential areas: homes, apartments, condominiums etc. and commercial areas: corporate buildings, small or large offices, schools and other institutions.

We follow strict cleanliness and hygiene norms throughout the whole plumbing process. So, when you call us, you can rest assured, we’ll leave your place clean and sanitized.

The need for plumbing services can arise any minute and knowing a plumbing company that will respond to your single phone call always comes in handy. You might face sudden pipe bursts or drain blockages or your toilet might break down any moment and searching for the reliable plumbing companies in Winnipeg is the last thing you would want in such situation.

Here, at GO2-WPGPLUMBING, we stay on our toes to respond to any distress call right away, even at the irregular business hours.

The Residential Plumbing Solution

Our team is more than capable enough to deal with any sort of residential plumbing problems. Unlike other plumbing companies in Winnipeg:

  • Who work before giving you an estimate and charge ridiculous amount (with hidden charges), we give you free work estimates beforehand and if you feel like going with it, only then we proceed.
  • Our rates are flat; means we won’t be charging you a single penny unless your problem is fixed.
  • The professional teams we deploy are certified and have earned their license with intense training.
  • We only use quality products that are international standard certified.
Plumbing Service company

Commercial and Industrial Plumbing Solution

We know commercial plumbing requires complicated and specialized equipment and most of all, an insight into the job area; hence, our team makes use of the essential tools to get the job done.

Plumbing Service

Our work has built us a trustworthy brand image which has always kept us a step ahead of the other plumbing companies in Winnipeg in terms of our plumbing solutions:

For commercial & Industrial plumbing we cover:

  • Corporate buildings
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Institutions
  • Schools
  • Small or large Business offices

Through our services, we ensure protection and safety of your people; be the employees or customers. We also specialize in existing fixture inspections. This can help you avoid any future risks that you might face.

Bring longevity to your office and to your business and keep the space clean and healthy by having a strong plumbing system installed.

Wanting to get a dishwasher or water heater installed, unclog drain and repair pipes? Give us a call now and enjoy the best plumbing service in Winnipeg.

Contact us for emergency services – Phone: 204.805-4521

About us:

GO2-WPGPLUMBING.NET, is the company that embodies responsibility, quality, and safety. Our philosophy is providing outstanding plumbing/HVAC services in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We help homeowners and business owners get the most out of their plumbing/HVAC systems. We solve problems related to basements, bathrooms, heating and cooling ,we unclog, fix and clean.


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Phone: 204.805-4521

Email: go2@winnipegplumbing.net

Address: 15 Woodlark Place, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2V 4L2

Hour of operation: On-call service 24/7

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