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Do not underestimate your little plumbing problems because if you neglect them, they will multiply. Your home is like an extension of your body, once you see the symptoms of a disease, you must act fast to treat them. Nothing is more troublesome than having to deal with a chronic plumbing illness. GO2-WPGPLUMBING.NET is the leading company when it comes to providing services related to residential plumbing in Winnipeg.

In fact, when it comes to plumbing quick fixes rarely solve the problem; to attack the problem at the root level is the best approach. Remember, we are not merely talking about doing it once and forgetting for the rest of your life. Plumbing work requires regular maintenance and checkups to keep everything in working order. GO2-WPGPLUMBING.NET is your one-stop shop for all your plumbing needs.

We provide plumbing services in Winnipeg, MB from A to Z; please look at our residential plumbing menu:

Household Plumbing Service for Bathrooms:

  • Showers and Tubs: The specialists at GO2-WPGPLUMBING.NET offer state-of-the-art shower and bathtub plumbing services for all and any shower and tub options that you may have in your modern bathroom. From showerheads to faucet designs. We got you covered.
  • Clogged drains: Is your clogged drain annoying you? When hair, toothpaste, and soap build up, they make a complicated problem, but our specialists are on the hunt and will get your drain fixed in a matter of few minutes.
  • Toilets: Solid items or toilet paper would cause massive clogs that are hard to flush. You need an expert to restore the toilet to full functionality; our specialists are excellent at doing just that. Forget about leaking toilets, running toilets, improper flushes, etc.
  • Faucets: We cover all type of faucets, and we come prepared with our own tools and valves. Our representative will help fix your faucet, install a new one, or provide advice on which is the best type for you whether it is compression, cartridge, disk or ball.
Bathroom Plumbing

Home Plumbing Service for Kitchens:

Kitchen Plumbing
  • Broken Faucets: Kitchen faucets are prone to damage with continuous use. However, don’t worry about it, our professionals will fix or replace your faucet in a few minutes.
  • Leaking: there is a complicated network of pipes and valves in every kitchen. When one of those start to leak, it can cause lots of damage and cost you money. If you doubt that you have a leaking, our experts will help you detect, confirm, and repair the leaking if any.
  • Dishwashers: A part of the kitchen’s water supply system, dishwashers can be a source of untold headaches. Flooding clogs, wasting water to name just a few. We help you take care of that problem and repair or replace damaged supply lines.
  • Garbage disposal repair: though a marvelous invention, garbage disposals are not designed to handle a large amount of leftover food debris, and they are clogged quickly. When clogged they cause more trouble than anything else. However, having professional help can get your house back to its feet and your drain back to health. Let us get you back to cooking those lovely meals for your family.
  • Drain cleaning: kitchen sinks need regular drain cleaning to keep them in good shape. No matter how hard you try, eventually food debris will block the drain and might lead to health problems. Removing these clogs is what we are good at and do efficiently.
  • Installations: whether you are building a new house for yourself or want to make a kitchen makeover. If you too are searching for residential plumbing in Winnipeg, GO2-WPGPLUMBING.NET is the company you should go for. This company is qualified to cover all your plumbing needs, yes, even if that means building a plumbing system from scratch.

Risedence Plumbing Services for Laundry Rooms:

  • Unclogging drain lines: flooding is always the number one suspect plumbing issue that plague washing machines – it usually indicates drain lines clogged with whatever. Just clearing drain lines can bring back washing machines to full health. You would be surprised.
  • Clearing and cleaning floor drains: Most of the laundry rooms are designed to have floor drains so that if a flooding occurs it would be contained quickly. Clearing those drains regularly is a smart move towards preventing blocks and clogs. GO2-WPGPLUMBING.NET can help you with both preventative maintenance and unblock the drains “should the need arise.”
  • Utility sink and faucet repair and installation: The sink in your laundry room receive no small amount of punishment. It stands a greater chance of clogging than any other sink in your house. It is natural that at some point it will need a repair, when that happens, GO2-WPGPLUMBING.NET come to rescue you as fast as possible.
laundry room

 House Plumbing Service for Basements:

basement plumbing
  • Sump Pumps: they are installed in a home’s finished basement as a last resort against the unfortunate incident of flooding. These rescue pumps work by moving the water away from the house and into the closest storm drain. They come in different shapes and sizes; some are powered by electricity while others are battery-powered. GO2-WPGPLUMBING.NET is an able company that offers residential plumbing in Winnipeg and it would inspect, repair, or replace any of them.
  • Floor drains: Furthermore, many basements and garages would include flood drains. Why? To prevent empty spaces from filling with water that damage the structure of the house. When not doing their intended job, these pumps are busy collecting dust and other material that block their original function. Detecting and fixing those clogs is our specialty. Visit our blog for more information on residential plumbing and how to tips.

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GO2-WPGPLUMBING.NET, is the company that embodies responsibility, quality, and safety. Our philosophy is providing outstanding plumbing/HVAC services in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We help homeowners and business owners get the most out of their plumbing/HVAC systems. We solve problems related to basements, bathrooms, heating and cooling ,we unclog, fix and clean.


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