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Are you looking for plumbing jobs in Winnipeg? If yes, you are doing the right thing. The plumbing trade in Winnipeg is flourishing, and it is offering many plumber jobs that require skilled and responsible people like you.

When you are considering a career in plumbing, you will never find a better company than GO2-WPGPLUMBING.NET, Why?

  • Get training from experts.
  • Room for growth.
  • Safe work environment.
  • Best co-workers ever.
  • A chance to make more money.

GO2-WPGPLUMBING.NETis happy to hire and train you. Even if you are just starting your career, our experts will “show you the ropes” so you can be a licensed plumber. We offer both on-facility and on the field training, you are in safe hands. You will get all the plumbing knowledge you need to advance in your career. There is also the chance to learn more on your own by direct experiences, guided by the best technicians in the industry.

It really depends on you and your thirst for knowledge. There are a few limits to what you can learn and apply. The plumbing trade is a vast field, filled with opportunity for those who are willing to put in the work and reap the rewards. There will be promotions for those who work hard and stay loyal to the trade.

We follow the industry safety requirements, so you will be safe and actually with working with us. We also offer insurance benefits for you and your family. Even in uncertain economic times, you will feel secure in your career. There is no shortage of jobs because plumbing is and always will remain an important part of living and enjoying life. However, following safety procedures and requirements guarantee that you will always be safe while working.

Our staff is really friendly and helpful. When you surround yourself with people, who wish you nothing but health and success. Suddenly, your life has a new meaning. Even females enjoy working in the plumbing trade without discrimination. On the contrary, they get all the encouragement they need to grow and prosper in our trade.

The plumbing business offers more ways to make money, more than any other trade. If you put in the hard work, you will find more ways to earn money and provide for your family. The harder your work, the more you make. Hard work does not always mean tiring labor. We will teach you to work smart. Get more done with the lesser amount of effort.


  • Education
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Extraordinary level of professionalism
  • High school diploma

While working as a professional plumber requires a license. Getting started does not require anything, except a healthy dose of ambition, and eagerness to learn. GO2-WPGPLUMBING.NET is happy to take you on as an “intern” in our company. We will help teach you everything you need. However, there are a few skills that you must possess, and that to ensure the “best in class” service to our clients.

First, you must have superb social skills so you can hold your own when dealing with customers. We believe that if someone allows you to enter their home, you must show responsibility, respect, and even gratefulness for that opportunity. In short, are you trustworthy?

Second, we require that all our candidates have a “can do” attitude, and never shy away from their duty. No task is too big, or too small. We are looking for people who will stay loyal to our company no matter what happen. We give back to those who are loyal to us.

Third, we require people with integrity, a sense of self-worth, and flexibility. If you do not have what it takes to become a professional plumber, do not waste your time. You must be able to work under pressure, and exceed expectations. You always remain calm in dire circumstances and treat our clients with the respect they deserve. Being reckless on the worksite is a no-no, and it we will not tolerate it.

Finally, this is a serious trade for serious people who are looking to build a real legacy. If you are still not sure, we are happy to have you and discuss more over tea. You will get to meet our senior employees who are glad to share their stories and experiences about being a plumber.

Alternatively, if you already have friends and family members who work as plumbers go ahead and speak to them. Plumbers happen to be friendly and helpful people who deal with people on a daily basis. Getting this information should not be a problem.

GO2-WPGPLUMBING.NET is hiring, this could be the ride of your life.

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GO2-WPGPLUMBING.NET, is the company that embodies responsibility, quality, and safety. Our philosophy is providing outstanding plumbing services in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We help homeowners and business owners get the most out of their plumbing systems. We solve plumbing problems related to basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms,we unclog, fix, clean. and more!


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