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Having a leaky sink is a constant headache. How about unprofessional plumbing service that leaves you with more problems, than before? But wait, isn’t leaky sinks one issue on an extensive list of bathroom issues you face daily? Having a less than optimal bathroom will not only decrease your productivity it will drive you crazy, if you do not fix it. The good news is that you can do something about it, and you should.

The issues do not stop in the bathroom. Basement and laundry room flooding and old pipes in the kitchen that you need to replace. Clogged drains, leaking toilets, and faucets, etc. The list goes on and on. You do not have to tolerate all of that craziness. With a few clicks of your computer mouse or a phone call, you can get reliable plumbing service.

We are , the company that you will make you happy, productive, and help you keep your sanity. We are synonymous with plumbing, everything you can imagine or need regarding plumbing we can offer with a friendly smile. We are a new “startup” plumbing company in Winnipeg Manitoba.

GO2-WPGPLUMBING.NET is a local plumbing business located in Winnipeg, Manitoba providing residential plumbing, commercial plumbing, sump pump repair and installation services. GO2-WPGPLUMBING.NET is on 24/7 on-call plumbing business, including basement, kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, outdoor plumbing, sump pump repairs and more!

Our Core Values:


  • Responsibility: We understand and respect what we do and how we do it. You find us when you call us, every time. We know the dangers and risks involved, and we act accordingly. We do not smoke or play loud music on the worksite without permission. We know the boundaries and we are socially conscious.

·   Fun: We love and enjoy what we do. You do not need more stress to what is already a boiling situation. When an old pipe decide it cannot take it anymore, it can cause a messy scene, we understand. You will actually enjoy working with us on whatever project you have on mind. For us, it is not just a job we do for a living it is our life, and we want to enjoy it to the fullest.

· Customer Centered: Everything we do, we do for our clients and customers. We believe in the value of being active listeners to your needs and requirements. We think with you, not for you.  When you need technical help, we gladly, offer it but the decision is yours in the end. Our business is customer-driven, “we just do what we are told.”

·  Winning: We believe in winning through high standards. We see victory when you are happy with the results. You will not and should not settle for anything less. We believe we win only after the job is successful and not before. If you win, we win, and everyone is happy.

·  WOW: Our pillar of success is when you wow your customer through high quality, respect, and integrity. We aim not to just please you but to wow you as well. We do that with your help and consent; anything else is just icing on the cake.

· Sustainability: We understand and respect the environment. Everything we do is done with the environment in mind. We use sustainable and environment-friendly material that will last long. We take our work seriously and acknowledge the impact we have on the environment. In all of our projects, we take into consideration cleanliness, health, and safety.

·  Safety: We understand the safety issues involved, and it is one of our top concerns. In our work, we observe safety requirements not just for our clients, but our employees too. That is why you will never see us encouraging reckless behavior on the worksite or personal life.

· Quality: Dedicated to high quality, we work extra hard to offer premium quality services that make you proud. We see quality as part of our “corporate personality,” giving the best we have, so we can receive the best the world has to offer. After all, is not quality what distinguish businesses from one another.

· Innovation: Always on the look for new, innovative ways to serve you, we are always researching and experimenting. We challenge ourselves and try to push our limits so we can come up with the best solutions that fit your situation.

· Respect: All great relationships are built on the foundation of respect. Respecting clients, deadlines, and agreements. That is why we are clear, concise and straight to the point. We believe in the value of keeping promises, and never say something and doing another.


Our Philosophy:

We strongly believe in our brand. We adore it, take care of it, and build it. We know that everything we do and say will reflect on our brand, so we work over-time to keep that new brand intact. It is our reputation, so we take the time to build it. We study your project, ask questions, and join forces that is part of our brand.

  • Many plumbing services in Winnipeg are older than us; but we are fresh, agile, and adapting to fast changing industry. We are building our business to last, and we invite our customers and visitors to join us in making our history. Be part of our legacy.
  • The world is getting smaller. We are not just an environment friendly company, we also believe in giving back to the community whether through charity or training. We are at the forefront, and when crisis hit, we are fast to respond.
  • If you have not already gathered, we are long-term focused. Canadian and family values drive our passion for excellence. We are here to stay with you, in good and in bad times. You have a friend in us. With that said, we also believe in the value of independence and freedom. We believe in tradition, but we embrace change, and that has been our philosophy since Day One.

What you can expect from us? Since plumbing issues can and will occur in any given household we aim to fix them as they occur. Our goal is to solve those problems in the first visit, so you do not have to see us again, though, we would love to see you again! Whether you have an emergency, or setting up a new system we are here for you 24/7/365. We are transparent and available, and offer one of the best after-service in the industry. That is only part of what you get when hiring specialists.

About us:

GO2-WPGPLUMBING.NET, is the company that embodies responsibility, quality, and safety. Our philosophy is providing outstanding plumbing/HVAC services in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We help homeowners and business owners get the most out of their plumbing/HVAC systems. We solve problems related to basements, bathrooms, heating and cooling ,we unclog, fix and clean.


Connect with us:

Phone: 204.805-4521


Address: 15 Woodlark Place, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2V 4L2

Hour of operation: On-call service 24/7

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